This website is for you!

The one place for everyone who is from Tvm, and for everyone who has something to share, something to give, or something to make Tvm smile brighter. This is the one true home that we have, and we are all that the city has as its wealth.

Here’s your opportunity to build a stronger relationship with Tvm!

It could be as simple and beautiful as sharing your personal story, memory, incident, or anything that underlines your bond with Tvm. It could also be something like wanting to paint and add colour and graphics to our city’s walls, or joining an inspired group to clean and protect our beaches, or bringing in your professional expertise to rethink our roads, or even considering a new IT start-up with the rich talent available in the city. All options are open. And all of them are entirely yours to choose, participate and get involved.

There are a zillion things you could do for Tvm. From small things to giant things. From simple ideas to complex ideas. From little changes to spectacular changes. It’s an open invitation and an infinite opportunity. Powered only by your love for this city. Focused towards one common and one collective direction. To take Tvm ahead into the future, and to make Tvm a city that will be noticed by the world. Come to think of it, there’s no other city so blessed, and so ready with potential. Tvm deserves a global sun. And we are the people who can bring that cheerful sunshine to Tvm. There’s just no one else who would be as committed and connected to Tvm. We are the true capital of Tvm!

TvmAndYou is the place!

This is where you can drop anchor and find all that’s happening. The plans, the initiatives, the groups, the people, the contact points, and all the info that you’d need to start this new relationship with Tvm. This would perhaps be the first time when the citizens of a city will together drive and inspire the destiny of the city. We have all been fortunate to be linked to Tvm, one way or the other, and we now have a brilliant story to write. Let’s do this together!