Outer Area Growth Corridor (OAGC)

A massive network of knowledge hubs, industrial parks, amusement centers, and townships, the Outer Area Growth Corridor (OAGC) is expected to attract investments worth ₹ 25,000 crores. The Capital Regional Development Project-II, the State consultant for the implementation of the proposed Outer Area Growth Corridor (OAGC) has suggested eight economic clusters in the district as part of the OAGC initiative. Since the 78-km Outer Ring Road (ORR) will be from Vizhinjam to Navaikulam, the CRDP proposed the economic zones at Vizhinjam, Kovalam, Kattakada, Nedumanagad, Vembayam, Mangalapuram, Kilimanoor, and Kallambalam.  A logistics and industrial hub at Vizhinjam,  health tourism hub at Kovalam, a green and smart industry cluster in Kattakada,  a regional business and industrial hub in Nedumangad, and at  Vembayam, an area for pharma and food processing cluster is proposed. A life science cluster at Mangalapuram. Meanwhile, an agro-food processing equipment cluster is proposed at Kilimanoor and Kallambalam.

For ORR 348ha of land to be acquired and out of which 40% of land acquisition  work as per 3D notification has been completed.  Awarding of construction work is expected to being by this calendar year.

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