Nemom Coach Terminal and Doubling of Lines

The proposal for Nemom coaching terminal is aimed at decongesting the Thiruvananthapuram Central station and bringing more trains to the capital. Along with that, the doubling of the railway line from Trivandrum to Nemom will ensure smooth movements of trains without many disruptions. In addition to that, the better operational efficiency of the railway system will reduce the journey time, and hence will be an advantage for passengers.

Progress Made

SIA (Social Impact Analysis) draft has been submitted.

The project is still under the consideration of the Railway Board. The request to consider the Nemom Coaching Terminal implementation has been submitted to the Central Railway Minister.

Next Milestones

DPR approval

Tender and select agency

Complete works

Implementing Agency

Railway Board


Ministry of Railways (GoI)

Member of Parliament

Shashi Tharoor


 Ashwini Vaishnaw

 V Abdurahiman (GoK)


Kadakampally Surendran

V. Sivankutty




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