Open spaces as green lungs of the city – Include more parks

Six parks – Shantinagar park, Children’s park, E K Nayanar park, Ponnara Sreedhar park, Gandhi park, Sreekandeswaram park, are being re-developed under the scheme. Open gyms are installed in Sreekanteswaram park, Sree Chitra Park, and Gandhi Park. Work is in progress at Ponnara Sreedhar Park and Children’s park of KWA. Works involve landscaping, illumination, and improving the aesthetics of parks.
Works have been awarded for Rs 3.3 crore, and apparently, there is a balanced amount of more than Rs One crore in the Smart City project. The possibility of utilizing these funds, and mobilizing more CSR funds from the private sector may be explored, to get more parks renovated.
There are several public parks, and open spaces owned by government institutions like the one in front of Vanchiyoor court. Such spaces have to be identified, aesthetically landscaped, and properly maintained as ‘Green Lungs’ of the city.

Progress Made

Three parks are complete, and two are in progress

Next Milestones

Determine the feasibility of including more parks, by October 2022

Implementing Agency

Smart City Thiruvananthapuram Limited (SCTL)

Thiruvananthapuram Corporation



Local Self Government Department (LSGD)

Member of Parliament

Shahi Tharoor


M V Govindan Master


All MLAs in the District


All constituencies in the District

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