Promote Electric Vehicles

Several Government policies promote e-Vehicles. State Budget has announced a subsidy of Rs 5,000 – Rs 30,000, for 10,000 e-auto rickshaws, and a 50 percent reduction in Motor Vehicle tax for the first five years. This topic has been discussed in the State Budget 2021 on page 108, under items 280 and 281. Thiruvananthapuram has the potential to become the Electric Vehicle (EV) hub of the State, using policies and initiatives of State and Central Governments.

Progress Made

A consortium of VSSC, C-DAC, KDISC, and TrEST Park is planned to develop modern battery technology.

KAL can leverage on these knowledge bases to start the production of lithium ION batteries.

Next Milestones

Determine feasibility by January 2022

Implementing Agency

Kerala Automobiles Limited (KAL)


Industries Department

Member of Parliament

Shahi Tharoor


P Rajeeve


K. Ansalan



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