Smart Roads – Smart City Project

The 49 km of existing roads under the Area Based Development (ABD) of Thiruvanthapuram Corporation which is within the Smart City project area are being converted into Smart Roads, with road and junction improvements. The project involves bringing utilities (water, electricity, etc.) underground, carriageway improvement, planting trees, street-lighting, junction redesign, and improvement, deploying display boards, parking sensors, environmental sensors, smart parking, etc. Kerala Road Fund Board (KRFB) has undertaken works for Rs 300 Crores and Smart City Mission for Rs 70 Crores.

Progress Made

KRFB has started works on 13 Roads and is yet to start on another 51 Roads. Smart City Mission has planning to concentrate on 17 roads, and now its nearly completed Duct construction on 11 Roads and yet to start on 6 remaining roads

Next Milestones

Works on the remaining roads to comments after the monsoon(September).

Complete the works by end of 2023

Implementing Agency

Smart City Mission Thiruvananthapuram

Kerala Road Fund Board (KRFB)


Local Self Government Department (LSGD)

Member of Parliament

Shashi Tharoor


 M V Govindan Master


V. Sivankutty

V. K. Prasanth

Adv. Antony Raju





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