Waive-off Port dues for Spares lifting

Vizhinjam port (Kerala Maritime Board) is demanding port dues when foreign vessels uplift ship stores (without crew change), even though the vessels are not berthing in the Port. This is an overhead for shipping companies, and adversely affects the prospects of the port. Maritime Board Manual states that exemption from payment of port dues is only for Crew Change (Page No 5 & 6). The phrase Ship Stores is not included in the notification. This is an omission, and the Kerala Maritime Board may be approached for rectification. A new notification must be issued at the earliest.

Progress Made

Vizhinjam Port demand Port dues when foreign vessels uplift ship stores

Next Milestones

Issue amendment to notification by 2022

Implementing Agency

Kerala Maritime Board


Ports Department

Member of Parliament

Shashi Tharoor


Ahammad Devarkovil


All MLAs of the district


All Constituencies in the District

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