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Arts & Culture

Thiruvananthapuram’s connection with art dates back to the time of Swathi Thirunal and Raja Ravi Varma. Ever since, the city has become the art capital of Kerala with various art festivals and events happening often. Trivandrum is in fact a heaven for art lovers who want to experience the beauty of various art forms. From Irayimman Thampi and Kumaran Asan to Mohanlal and K S Chithra, Trivandrum is also home to various renowned talented personalities.

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Sree Chitra Art Gallery

Sri Chitra Art Gallery was opened to the public by the erstwhile Maharaja of Travancore Sri Chitra Thirunal for the enjoyment, education and development of the artistic taste of the people. Reconstructed from two adjacent bungalows, it has a collection of paintings representing the various genres of paintings in India, along with a few from other parts of Asia with a distinct stamp of Indian culture. The major attraction is the paintings of Raja Ravi Varma.

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Amuseum ArtScience is a foundation uniting independent intellectuals, artists, scientists, and cultural enthusiasts. Their mission is to create a growing cultural archive by merging art and science, fostering creativity. They provide support, opportunities, and collaboration for Art and Science Projects, working with voluntary agencies, national and international NGOs, and the government to engage the public in artistic and scientific activities. Amuseum ArtScience represents a modern concept that bridges the gap between disciplines, promoting knowledge sharing and innovation.

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Swathi Thirunal College of Music

Named after Maharaja Sri Swathi Thirunal, a brilliant music composer, this college provides formal training in music. The primary objective of this venture was to popularize the kritis of Swathi Thirunal. The college was established in 1939 as ‘the Music Academy’ and is now one of the best music institutes in the country. Renowned musicians K J Yesudas, Dr K Omanakutty, Raveendran and M G Radhakrishnan are some of the alumni of the college.

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Different Art Centre

Founded by renowned magician Gopinath Muthukad, Different Art Centre is a transformative institution empowering children with disabilities. It offers training in music, dance, drama, cinema making, painting, and musical instruments, with a touch of magic. Centre’s vision is to create a world-class art space where talented children with challenges can showcase their skills, fostering holistic development and empowering them to lead meaningful lives. Through a supportive environment, Different Art Centre enables these children to stand tall and thrive.

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Margi is a cultural organization that serves as a haven for enthusiasts of ancient art forms. Committed to reviving these traditional art forms, Margi offers teaching and performances in Kootiyattam, Nangyarkoothu, Chakyarkoothu, Paatakom, and Kathakali. Established in 1970, it has two locations: Valiyasala and East Fort, with the latter dedicated exclusively to Kathakali. Margi warmly welcomes visitors from around the globe, immersing them in an ethnic atmosphere and vibrant performances that captivate with their artistic brilliance.

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Ekathara Baul Sangeetha

Parvathy Baul along with Sri Ravi Gopalan Nair, a glove Kathakali puppet artist, started the Ekathara Baul Sangeetha Kalari in Nedumangad, Trivandrum. This initiative intends to spread Baul tradition and music across the interiors of Kerala, along with promoting ancient Indian spiritual traditions. The Baul music represents a heritage of preaching mysticism through songs and a special instrument called Ektara. The Ekathara Baul Sangeetha Kalari inspires you and brings you closer to spirituality.

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