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Trivandrum offers plenty of its own to reward all, and there’s so much to experience in Kerala’s capital – captivating possibilities for leisure to idle wanderings! Abounding in various locations dedicated to shopping, gaming, sports, and a myriad of other activities, Trivandrum possesses an exuberant aura that breathes life into its very core. A variety of avenues are available to indulge, rejuvenate and recharge, ideal for family and friends to spend quality time.

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Shanghumukhom Beach

Shanghumukhom located adjacent to the airport is a stunning coastal destination. Breathtaking sunsets make the beach a common weekend hangout for people from Trivandrum. The rustic charm of the beach is further accentuated by the presence of local fishermen, as well as the delightful vantage points that have been meticulously crafted to cater to the picnickers. The picturesque beauty of the beach is amplified by a massive 35-meter-long mermaid sculpture, known as the Matsyakanyaka.

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Kanakkunnu Palace

An erstwhile durbar and banquet hall of the Travancore royal family, Kanakkunnu Palace is one of the key landmarks of the capital. Built during the reign of Maharaja Sree Mulam Tirunal (1885-1924), it witnessed many historic events, making it an essential part of the state’s history. Palace premises has transformed from a venue for stately functions to a favourite of morning joggers, and those looking to relax and unwind in its green environs in the evenings.

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Valiyathura Pier

If you love the breeze, the beach, the coast, the fishermen, birds, encircling falcons, and the sound of waves, you must visit Valiyathura. A 60-year-old pier that still stands majestic and is 214 m long – a stunning piece of architecture, that makes you marvel at the engineering skills. In the past, heavy ships would anchor in the deep sea, and goods were transported to the shore via small boats as the pier was located in shallow waters.

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Veli Tourist Village

Country’s first solar-powered miniature train and a Floating Café are the highlights of Veil Tourist Village. Located at the meeting point of Veli Lake and the Arabian Sea, Veli Tourist Village offers boating and picnicking experiences. Visitors can rent pedal boats or paddleboats, explore the gardens, and enjoy a pleasant picnic. Vast landscapes, horse riding, floating bridge, etc. also attract visitors. Scenic views are awesome and there is a pathway to stroll along the water body.

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Akkulam Tourist Village

Akkulam has always been a favourite picnic spot ever since it was developed as a tourist village. Picturesque backwaters and various boating experiences make it a delightful destination. Tourist Village also has a well-equipped children’s park, paddle pool, adult swimming pool, Air Force Museum with Simulator, and a cycling park. Akkulam will soon have an 80-meter-long glass bridge, the first of its kind in the State, at a height of approximately 54 feet above the ground.

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Known as one of Asia’s oldest zoos, the Zoological Park is home to a variety of wildlife from around the world, including Lions, Bengal Tigers, White Tigers, and Leopards. It also houses a renowned reptile house featuring turtles, pythons, vipers, cobras, and a notable Green Anaconda. As you walk beneath the canopy of majestic trees like mahogany, teak, and fig, you come across a pond teeming with nesting Pelicans, Storks, and Herons in their natural habitat.

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